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Getting Attendance Allowance means you might also get other help. What you get will depend on your circumstances. You might be able to get help with your council tax by getting ‘Council Tax Reduction’ assistance if you get Attendance Allowance. Even if you were already getting a reduction in

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Council Tax Discount/Exemption. Households where someone is receiving Attendance Allowance or middle-rate Disability Living Allowance may be eligible for a discount or an exemption. If in a two-person household one person is receiving disability benefits they may be eligible for council tax reduction.

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Benefits Guides. Attendance Allowance is a tax free non-means tested Social Security allowance. Paid to people over 65 when first claimed, to help with the cost of their care or supervision needs, which should have existed for six months before claiming unless terminally ill.

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Your Council Tax bill – how to work it out, who has to pay, discounts and exemptions for students and disabled people, second homes, empty properties, paying the bill Council Tax: Discounts for

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Council Tax Discounts, Disregards and Exemptions. COUNCIL TAX DISCOUNT: Some people qualify for a discount. Thus, they get to pay a reduced rate of Council Tax. As a rule, people who live alone get a 25% discount off their Council Tax bill. The same discounted entitlement applies to anyone who is ‘treated as living on their own’.

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Council tax discounts and exemptions. You may be entitled to a council tax discount if you or someone who lives with you (adult or child) has a disability and you have special facilities in your home. Apply for a disabled person’s discount. Attendance Allowance; Disability Living Allowance (middle or higher rate care component)

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Council tax; Council Tax: exemptions; Council Tax: exemptions In this section. An Attendance Allowance under Section 64 of the Act. A Severe Disablement Allowance under Section 68 of the Act. A disability Working Allowance under Section 129 of the Act, for which the qualifying benefit is one that falls within subsection (2) (a) (i) or

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Council Tax exemptions Apply for a Council Tax exemption. To apply for a Council Tax exemption, please email: [email protected] Please quote your Council Tax reference number and the exemption you would like to claim. We may need to send you an application form or conduct a visit.

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These are based on the council tax band of your home and will be detailed on your council tax bill. Some households receive a discount on these charges including single person households (25%) and households with two or more adults who receive CTR (up to 25%).

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Council Tax Support (also known as Council Tax Reduction) is a benefit to help people who are on a low income or claiming certain benefits to pay some of their Council Tax bill.

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Qualifying conditions for exemptions. The exemption ceases as soon as a caravan or boat is moved to the pitch or mooring, and a person living in the caravan or boat would pay council tax if that caravan or boat is their sole or main residence.