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Learn to cook a delicious extra large hamburger with tomato, pickles, onions and more.


Burger King is hiring gamers to sell you food during

Apr 25, 2017 · Burger King is teaming up with PlayStation to take your order during online matches. Burger King is now using video games to try to peddle their food into our gaping mouths, because nothing in this world is sacred. Undeterred by their failed 2006 advergame Sneak King, the fast food company is now hiring a team of gamers to play alongside us in online PlayStation games to sell us …


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King Games – Wikipedia

King Games is a series of three advertisement-based video games sold at Burger King. The games were sold as part of a promotion during the holiday season from late November until December 24, 2006. All three games were developed by the Blitz Arcade Division of Blitz Games, and were published by Burger King. They advertise Burger King in-game.

Burger King Is Launching a Video Game Food Delivery

Apr 26, 2017 · Burger King Is Launching a Video Game Food Delivery Service in Spain. We Went There to Test It Pro gamers battle you on PlayStation, then take your order

Author: Angela Natividad

Now hiring: Burger King wants gamers to order food on

The fast food chain wants to pair its delivery option with gamers on the PlayStation network. Burger King is finally separating itself from the major game players of the fast food industry.

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Kate Macarthur of Advertising Age noted that, “Burger King’s Sneak King video game for Xbox may not have won rave reviews, but gamers still bought more than 2 million copies.” The immediate impact of Sneak King on Blitz Games was a financial boost.

Developer(s): Blitz Games

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When guests enter your burger shop now, you must make a burger king. In order to meet the needs of the guests, you must organize the necessary things quickly, and cut the vegetables,do meat spices, roast meat , then make a big burger king according to the needs of guests.