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Fun with small image data-sets – Towards Data Science

Suppose you want to build an image classifier for your own specific task. You might think you need a large collection of data. Surprisingly, a small collection of training images are good enough to produce a reasonable accuracy rate (90–100%) accuracy.

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If you’re interested in data about data (metadata!), Jürgen Schwärzler, a statistician from Google’s public data team, has put together a list of the most frequently searched for data. The top 5 are school comparisons, unemployment, population, sales tax, and salaries.

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Fun with Data & Stats Athlinks Staff-July 28, 2015 6 If you want to track how you have been improving (or not improving, unfortunately) in the endurance events you have been racing in, then the days of you opening up your computer and inputting your race results into that

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Data can be fun, if you have the right tools. We look at some of the best free online tools for data visualisation.

Fun with small image data-sets (Part 2) – Towards Data Science

Sample training data-set (with no glasses) Using a vanilla resnet model with a learning rate of 0.01, I was able to get a reasonable accuracy of 77.5 % (31/40 test images correctly classified) In order to improve the accuracy of our model, we can try out several techniques like augmentation, optimizing for the best learning rate, using differential learning rates for different layers, and test-time augmentation etc.

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Raw JOIN data CC 430(1.1)(A) CDSA 546.33 YCJA 899 MSO category Property offence Person A JOIN data Property offence Administrative offences Number of charges Reoffending Other data Meeting expectations Visited an emergency room Aboriginal status + CYDL Report + Offence library 01 430 1.1 A 22 546.22 24 899 Person A

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Fun with Big Data and Data Analytics. Here’s some data about these groups for you: There are 4,025 members in 47 big data groups (1,294 others are waiting for Meetup groups in their areas) in 34 cities in six countries around the world. Most of the groups are in the US. The largest Meetup group is Open Analytics NYC, which boasts 368 members.