how to get someone evicted from a council house

Being evicted by the council or housing association

Being evicted by the council or housing association. When you take on a tenancy with the council and move into a council home there may be reasons the council will feel the need to evict you. This means that your tenancy will come to an end and you will have to leave the property.

If you’re being evicted – council or housing association

Reasons for being evicted. If your landlord is trying to evict you from the council, housing association or housing co-op home you’re renting, they have to give a reason, or a ‘ground’. There are 15 different possible grounds for eviction. You should get a notice of …

Tenant Rights – Can I be evicted from my council house?

Reasons for eviction. The letter that you receive from the council must clearly state your rights to this review. However you must be very careful to respond in writing to the letter of eviction within a matter of 14 days. Now it is not clear as to whether this is 14 working days or just a normal 14 days.

Grounds for evicting secure council tenants – Shelter England

If you have adapted accommodation, this ground can be used to evict you if all of the following apply: your home has been specially designed or adapted for a physically disabled person. no physically disabled person is living in your home. the council needs your home …

Eviction for antisocial behaviour – Shelter England

Eviction for antisocial behaviour. Council or housing association landlords can evict tenants for criminal or antisocial behaviour. Get advice as soon as you can if you’re facing eviction from your home. You may qualify for free legal advice or representation under legal aid. Call Civil Legal Advice on 0345 345 4 345 if you qualify for legal aid.

Grounds to evict a council tenant – Shelter Cymru

Grounds for eviction. If you are a secure tenant, the council may have grounds to evict you if: you have rent arrears. you break a term of your tenancy agreement. you (or people who live with you or visit you) cause nuisance or annoyance in your home or in the neighbourhood.

Grounds or reasons for eviction from council housing

Grounds or reasons for eviction from council housing. If your landlord is trying to evict you, they have to provide a reason or ground. This ground can be used if your landlord has rented your home from someone else and the agreement between your landlord and the person they are renting from has ended or is going to end within six months

Do evicted tenants stand more chance of getting a council

Well they can’t just leave and apply for a council house – that would be making themselves voluntarily homeless. You have to evict them for the council to consider them homeless. If they are homeless, I imagine they will get priority on any vacant council property over existing council tenants wanting to …