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Form PA1P: Apply for probate (the deceased had a will

Use this form to apply for the legal right to deal with someone’s possessions if they’ve died and left a will. This is known as a ‘grant of representation’ or ‘grant of probate’.


PA1 Probate Application Form

Probate Application Form – PA1 *A1 . Did the deceased leave a will/codicil? (Note: These may not necessarily be formal documents. If the answer to question 1 . is Yes, you must enclose the . original. document(s) with your application.) A2. Did the deceased marry or enter into a Civil Partnership after the date of the will/codicil? A3

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Apply for probate by post. The form you need to fill in depends on if the person left a will or not. If the person left a will. Fill in the probate application form PA1P. Send it with your documents.

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You should send the completed PA1 and attachments to the Probate Registry of your choice. Find A Probate Registry (PA4) PROBATE PROCESS . Is relatively straightforward once you’ve done the HMRC forms. Probate Application Form (PA1) WHAT TO TAKE WHEN SWEARING THE OATH . The oath – The document headed ‘In the High Court of Justice’

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Forms that are always used when applying for probate – The PA1 Regardless of the make-up of the estate or whether or not there is inheritance tax to pay, every applicant must complete the PA1 form , there are no alternate forms.

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Probate application form PA1 As part of your application for a Grant of Representation, you will need to fill in the probate application form PA1. Here is the official link for the PA1 probate application.

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PROBATE FORMS. The types of forms depend upon the nature of the application and listed below are the most common:- PA1 – Probate Application form when applying for probate in person

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Probate Forms. Download and complete the appropriate probate forms here for the Probate Registries using our samples and guidance. You will find these as editable PDFs in sections based on whether or not Inheritance Tax is to be paid. No IHT payable (complete PA1 and IHT205):


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you can send form PA1 and other papers to the District Probate Registry of your choice. HMRC will stamp your IHT421 and send it to the District Probate Registry you have named on your IHT421.

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PA1 – Probate Forms: applying for probate. PA1 (PDF, 379KB) Form PA1 and relevant leaflets (including probate form PA1A, PA2, PA3, PA4) are used to apply for probate if the person who died lived in England or Wales or was domiciled overseas with assets in England and Wales.


Guidance Notes for Probate Application Form PA1

Guidance Notes for Probate Application Form PA1 These notes will help you to complete the parts of form PA1 marked * Section A A1 Please enclose the original will and any codicils with your application (not a photocopy).

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FORM PA1 is the probate application form. The FORM PA1 will require that you know the name, date of birth and death, and occupation of the deceased. The FORM PA1 will require that you know the name, date of birth and death, and occupation of the deceased.

How to Apply for a Grant of Representation with Form PA1

Completing Probate Application Form PA1. You can apply for a Grant of Representation by completing form PA1 if you are named as an Executor in the Will of the person that died, or if you are a next of kin and there is no Will. When you have all the supporting information and documents (listed below), you will need to submit the competed PA1

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The application using form PA1 Once you have valued the estate and established whether inheritance tax is payable, you will need to send form PA1 to the Probate Registry providing details of the deceased, their estate and any executors.