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Inverse Oil ETF List. One of the best advantages of ETFs is the ability to enter certain markets or invest in certain commodities without loading up on equities or battling index basket pricing. Instead, you can get instant exposure with one transaction (long or short). And there are …

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Smart beta exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become a popular way for investors to target specific portfolio outcomes like reduced risk, enhanced returns or …

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Top 4 Inverse Oil ETFs to Short Oil in 2018. Oil prices are currently hovering near 3-year highs, with Brent crude prices at $72.68 and WTI light crude at $67.88. Prices have been rising in response to a variety of factors, both economic and political. The International Energy Agency says oversupply appears to be ending and OPEC

4 Inverse ETFs to Short Oil as Crude Prices Tumble

SCO is the most popular option in the short oil ETF space having an asset base of $156.32 million. The fund tracks the Dow Jones-UBS Crude Oil Sub-Index to provide twice the inverse performance, on a daily basis of WTI crude oil. SCO’s average daily share volume is 672,199 over the past 45 trading days.

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Commodity ETFs. OILK is a crude oil commodity ETF that seeks to provide total return through actively managed exposure to the West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures markets, and the only U.S. crude oil ETF that doesn’t generate a K-1 tax form. UCO, OILU, SCO and OILD seek to provide 2x leveraged (UCO), 3x leveraged (OILU),

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Oil ETF Overview. The largest Oil ETF is the SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF XOP with $3.03B in assets. In the last trailing year, the best performing Oil ETF was the WTIU at 153.49%. The most-recent ETF launched in the Oil space was the United States 3x Short …