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Some of the most popular solar companies today are First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) and SunPower Corporation (SPWR).

FSLR · Vslr · Spwr · Tan

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Special Report: 4 Solar Technology Stocks You Must Own. The sun gives the Earth 970 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of free energy every day. That’s more energy than what the world uses from fossil fuels every year. It’s enough to supply the United States’ energy demand for a year and a half.

Top 10 Solar Penny Stocks List

These solar penny stocks come straight from the California Company that engineers and produces solar technology based products across the United States. The technology works by transforming top deck parking lots into high power solar generating units …


Graphene & Solar Technologies Ltd. engages in the manufacturing of Photo-Voltaic, solar panels, Semiconductors, Fiber optical cables, Halogen Lamps, HD and LCD television screens and Epoxy

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JA Solar Holdings (NASDAQ:JASO) Market cap: $353.55 million; current share price: $7.43. Middle of the pack on our US solar energy stocks list is JA Solar Holdings. While the company is based in Shanghai, JA Solar Holdings has been trading on the NASDAQ for over a decade, with its IPO on February 16, 2007.

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The solar industry’s recovery should continue for investors in 2018, especially if the Trump administration doesn’t kneecap U.S. manufacturers. Leaders haven’t yet begun to display the profitability they might someday, but it looks like the days of bleeding red ink may soon be over. Not all parts of the solar industry are worth investing in, but I think SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR), First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR), …

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In the place of this huge void, which incidentally was making a lot day traders a lot of money, has entered solar penny stocks. The industry for solar has been growing massively in recent years thanks to the ubiquity of the technology and the falling prices of solar panels.

3 Undervalued Solar Energy Stocks Investors Should Buy

3 Undervalued Solar Energy Stocks Investors Should Buy. Three solar stocks are in the best position to profit from this new pricing dynamic: First Solar ( FSLR) , SunPower ( SPWR) and Canadian Solar (CSIQ) . While the stocks of conventional energy giants such as Chevron ( CVX) and ExxonMobil ( XOM) flounder amid low oil and gas prices,