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7 surprising facts about open rates for push notifications

Tapjoy, the mobile marketing company, has come up with seven surprising facts about the open rates for push notifications. Push notifications are a common way to get users to pay attention to an app. Marketers love push notifications because users can’t help but see them as they flash across the screen of their smartphones.

How to Configure Push Certificates – Tapjoy Developers

How to Configure Push Certificates. To deploy Push Notifications or GCMs (Google Cloud Messaging), you need to upload a certificate or API Key to the Tapjoy dashboard. Separate configurations are needed for iOS and Android. This document explains how to create and upload the necessary certificate.

Push Troubleshooting Guide – Tapjoy Developers

Did you include push services when you created your provisioning? Did you add code for registering remote notifications for iOS 7, iOS 8+ respectively? See ‘Registering for remote notifications’ section of Getting Started Guide. Is the certificate for the production environment? Tapjoy does not currently accept development push certificates.

Tapjoy reveals the golden phrase for push notifications is

Push notifications using the phrase “get your” are twice as likely to be opened than any other notification, according to a report from monetisation platform Tapjoy.

7 Surprising Facts About The Open Rates Of Push Notifications

Tapjoy automation takes away the manual setup from push notifications, but it’s more than just a convenience: automated notification open rates run about 5.62% across our network, versus 2.13%

How to use mobile app push notifications the right way?

Tapjoy, the mobile app monetisation firm, has taken a closer look at push notifications to come up with its own list of Do’s and Don’t’s for scheduling push notifications. Based on the study of 4.4m push notifications sent between February and August 2016, the firm found that there are certain days when notification open rates are higher.

Surprising Facts about Push Notifications! – Keaton Batten

Tapjoy found out that sending out your push notifications earlier in the week will help you get a higher chance of having the user click. They also found that wording is very important, including a word that inspires urgency helps increase your clicks.

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Tapjoy Study Finds the More Ads an App User Completes, the Higher their Engagement, Retention and…. Tapjoy Study Finds the More Ads an App User Completes, the Higher their Engagement, Retention and… New ‘Maximum Impact Report’ finds that sessions, retention rates and spend all climb steadily as consumers complete greater amounts of….

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Tapjoy’s Maximum Mobile Impact Platform drives peak performance for the world’s top brands and highest-grossing app developers. Fuel your mobile success with the data, technology, and expertise that delivers unparalleled results.

Business of Apps: Using push notifications effectively

Push notifications. Mobile users spend a lot of time each day using their mobile device, but most apps only get launched once. Push notifications are a great way to increase engagement at a low cost. Measuring your success is tracked using two main metrics: opt-in rates and reaction rates, both of which we’ll outline in this article.

Tapjoy (Java API – Tapjoy Android SDK) – ltv.tapjoy.com

Method Summary. Performs the Tapjoy Connect call to the Tapjoy server to notify it that this device is running your application. This method should be called in the onCreate() method of your first activity and before any other TapjoyConnect methods. For special flags, this is a hashtable of special flags to send to enable non-standard settings.

Study: Push notifications boost in-app spending by 16%

Push notifications boost in-app spending by 16%, the study found. Response from app users is also affected by the day and time that a push notification is sent. Notifications sent on a Saturday result in 2.2x more purchases than notifications sent on Thursday, while promotions sent during late afternoon lead to 2.7x more purchases.

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The Tapjoy service uses the automated push notifications, announcements, and custom in-app engagement formats to ensure the most effective advertising campaigns. In cooperation with the top ad mediators, the company has an opportunity to satisfy the requirements of the mobile monetizers and provide them with a chance to enhance their revenue.