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You may get a top-up (called a premium) on the following benefits if you get PIP: Housing Benefit. Jobseeker’s Allowance. Income Support. Working Tax Credit. Employment and Support Allowance – but only if you get the PIP daily living component. Pension Credit – but only if you get the PIP …

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How to claim. You can make a new Personal Independence Payment ( PIP) claim by calling the Department for Work and Pensions ( DWP ). Someone else can call on your behalf, but you’ll need to be with them when they call. There are also other ways to claim if you find it difficult to use a telephone. The process is different in Northern Ireland.

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I get the daily living component of PIP, what else can I

Universal Credit Carer’s element. If you are getting the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and your carer looks after you for 35 hours per week, they may be able to claim the Carer’s element of up to £156.45 per month. You can’t get the Severe Disability Premium included in your benefits if someone claims the Carer’s element for looking after you.


I’ve Been Awarded PIP, What Else Can I Claim?

www.benefitsandwork.co.uk 4 If you are awarded any level of PIP; your means-tested benefits can increase as set out below. Income Support. If you are awarded any rate of PIP your Income Support will be increased by an extra amount because you are disabled, called a ‘Disability Premium’.

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Find out if you can claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) by meeting the criteria set out by the DWP, and what other benefits are available if you don’t.

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If you’re self-employed you can’t claim Statutory Sick Pay but you might be able to claim the following benefits: Housing Benefit. Universal Credit. Council Tax Reduction. Personal Independence Payment. Employment and Support Allowance. Support for Mortgage …

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Personal Injury Protection (PIP) What is a PIP Claim? If you fail to cooperate with your PIP insurer, the company is generally entitled to terminate your PIP benefits. Share on Google Plus. Share on Facebook. Talk to a Lawyer. Start here to find personal injury lawyers near you.

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PIP can be paid regardless of your income, savings or National Insurance contribution record and is a tax free benefit. You can get PIP even if you are working or studying. If you are a carer who has care needs, you can claim PIP for yourself and this will not affect your Carer’s Allowance.

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Personal Independence Payment. If you have difficulty getting around or doing everyday tasks, you can make a claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). This benefit is replacing Disability Living Allowance for people aged 16 to 64. PIP is tax free, paid every four weeks, and not affected by your income or savings.

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Screen 18: Depending on the components and rate of PIP you are entitled to, you might qualify for other benefits or help, for example, the motability scheme. Captions. Caption: You might qualify for other benefits. Graphic: Mobility Scooter. Screen 19: If you are unhappy with the decision you have received you can request a mandatory reconsideration. If, after that, you are still unhappy with the decision, …

I get the standard rate mobility of PIP, what else can I

I get the standard rate mobility of PIP, what else can I get? If you or your partner gets the standard rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payment, you could get the extra benefits and other …


Personal IndePendence Payment & other benefIts at 16

can still receive payments of Child Benefit and any other benefits you get for your child alongside PIP. Part 2 Is in three sections and looks at other benefits your child may be able to claim in their own right once they are 16 or over. If they claim some of these other benefits, any Child Benefit and any other …


Personal Independence Payment and other benefits at 16

2 Personal Independence Payment and other benefits at16Personal Independence Payment and other benefits at 16 Introduction This guide looks at the benefits it may be possible for a young disabled person to claim once they turn 16 years of age. The first part of this guide looks at Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

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Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is usually paid every 4 weeks. It’s tax free and you can get it whether you’re in or out of work. You’ll need an assessment to work out the level of help