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Your State Pension age is the earliest age you can start receiving your State Pension. It may be different to the age you can get a workplace or personal pension. Help us improve GOV.UK.

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From 2019, the State Pension age will increase for both men and women to reach 66 by October 2020. The Government is planning further increases, which will raise the State Pension age from 66 to 67 between 2026 and 2028.

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State Pension age. The current State Pension age is: 65 for men born before 6 December 1953. between 60 and 65 for women born between 6 April 1950 and 5 December 1953.


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The Pensions Act 2014 provides for a regular review of the State Pension age, at least once every five years. The Government is not planning to revise the existing timetables for the equalisation of State Pension age to 65 or the rise in the State Pension age to 66 or 67.

High Court to Review UK Women’s Pension Age Increase

One of the UK’s High Court judges has allowed a review on the government’s ruling on raising the state pension age for women, thanks to an activist group representing women born in the 1950s.

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Women and the State Pension. The State Pension age is no longer 60 for women. It’s changing to 65 for women between 2010 and 2018 and is then increasing in stages, alongside men, until it has reached 68. It’s important to check when you are due to reach your State Pension age as this may change in the future. Click here to find out more

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The Pensions Act 1995 put in place that the state pension age for women would increase from 60 to 65 over the period from April 2010 to 2020. This decision was taken to address a ‘long-standing inequality’ between men and women’s state pension age.

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A version of the plans to equalise men and women’s state pension age was outlined in 1995, when the then Conservative Government stated the intention of gradually raising women’s retirement age to

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Philip Alston, a United Nations independent expert, has affirmed the stance taken by campaign groups including the Women Against State Pension Inequality, that certain women have been affected disproportionately by recent pension age changes.

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Changes to the State Pension age. The State Pension ages have been undergoing radical changes since April 2010. The changes will see the State pension age rise to 65 for women between 2010 and 2018, and then to 66, 67 and 68 for both men and women. There are plans to change State Pension ages further. Know your State Pension age. To find your

Pension age rise to 66 for women born in the 1950s goes to

A group of women furious about the Government pushing back the state pension age have won the right to a judicial review. Millions of women born in the 1950s have been forced to work longer than

At least 1,000 women protest at changes to UK pension age

Women in their 50s and 60s have been hit by the government’s decision to increase the female state pension age from 60 to 66: some have lost their homes, while many continue to experience